StatusBarItemsManager Class

Beta @deprecated Use StatusBarItemsManager in bentley/ui-abstract instead

StatusBar Items Manager class.


  • StatusBarItemsManager

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
add(itemOrItems: CommonStatusBarItem | ReadonlyArray<CommonStatusBarItem>): void StatusBarItemsManager  
remove(itemIdOrItemIds: StatusBarItemId | ReadonlyArray<StatusBarItemId>): void StatusBarItemsManager Remove StatusBar items based on id
setIsVisible(id: StatusBarItemId, isVisible: boolean): void StatusBarItemsManager Set the visibility of a StatusBar item
setLabel(id: StatusBarItemId, label: string): void StatusBarItemsManager Set Label on statusbar items that support labels
setTooltip(id: StatusBarItemId, tooltip: string): void StatusBarItemsManager Set Tooltip on statusbar items that support tooltip string.

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
items Accessor ReadonlyArray<CommonStatusBarItem> StatusBarItemsManager Get an array of the StatusBar items

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Last Updated: 05 June, 2020