imodeljs-common Change Log

The imodeljs-common package contains classes for working with iModels that can be used in both frontend and backend.


Name Description
Entities Definitions of the "props" interfaces and types that define the wire format for communication between the frontend and backend about entities (models, elements, etc) contained in an iModel.
Codes Types for working with Codes.
Geometry Types for working with geometry.
Views Types for defining graphical views of the contents of an iModel.
DisplayStyles Types for describing how the contents of Views should be rendered.
Rendering Types describing geometry, views, and symbology for consumption by a display system.
Symbology Types that define the appearance of geometry.
iModels Types for working with iModels in both the frontend and backend.
RpcInterface Types for working with RpcInterfaces.
ECSQL Types for working with ECSQL, Spatial Queries, and ECSQL Geometry Functions.
Logging Logger categories used by this package.
CloudStorage Types for working with Cloud Storage.
Tween Tweening library adapted from tween.js.
All Displays the contents of all topics in this package.

Last Updated: 05 June, 2020