DisplayStyleSettings Class


Provides access to the settings defined by a DisplayStyle or DisplayStyleState, and ensures that the style's JSON properties are kept in sync.

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Name Description
constructor(jsonProperties: object): DisplayStyleSettings Construct a new DisplayStyleSettings from an ElementProps.jsonProperties.  
addExcludedElements(id: Id64String): void Add an element to the set of excluded elements defined by the display style.  
dropExcludedElement(id: Id64String): void Remove an element from the set of excluded elements defined by the display style.  
dropSubCategoryOverride(id: Id64String): void Remove any SubCategoryOverride applied to a SubCategoryAppearance by this style.  
getSubCategoryOverride(id: Id64String): SubCategoryOverride | undefined Obtain the override applied to a SubCategoryAppearance by this style.  
overrideSubCategory(id: Id64String, ovr: SubCategoryOverride): void Customize the way geometry belonging to a SubCategory is drawn by this display style.  


Name Type Description
_json Protected DisplayStyleSettingsProps    
backgroundColor Accessor ColorDef The background color.  
excludedElements Accessor ReadOnly Set<Id64String> The set of elements that the display style will exclude.  
hasSubCategoryOverride Accessor ReadOnly boolean Returns true if an [[SubCategoryOverride]s are defined by this style.  
monochromeColor Accessor ColorDef The color used to draw geometry in monochrome mode.  
subCategoryOverrides Accessor ReadOnly Map<Id64String, SubCategoryOverride> The overrides applied by this style.  
viewFlags Accessor ViewFlags The ViewFlags associated with the display style.  

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Last Updated: 05 June, 2020