SubCategoryOverride Class

Overrides selected aspects of a SubCategoryAppearance in the context of a DisplayStyleState. When determining how geometry belonging to a SubCategory will appear when drawn within a view:

  1. The base SubCategoryAppearance associated with that subcategory is obtained.
  2. The SubCategoryOverride associated with that subcategory in the DisplayStyleState is obtained.
  3. Any aspects of the appearance overridden by the SubCategoryOverride are replaced with the values from the SubCategoryOverride. An aspect is overridden by virtue of not being set to "undefined" in the SubCategoryOverride.

see overrideSubCategory


Name Description
equals(other: SubCategoryOverride): boolean Perform equality comparison against another SubCategoryOverride.  
override(appearance: SubCategoryAppearance): SubCategoryAppearance Returns a SubCategoryAppearance overridden to match the properties defined by this SubCategoryOverride.  
fromJSON(json?: SubCategoryAppearance.Props): SubCategoryOverride Static Create a new SubCategoryOverride from a JSON object  


Name Type Description
anyOverridden Accessor ReadOnly boolean Returns true if any aspect of the appearance is overridden (i.e., if any member is not undefined).  
color undefined | ColorDef    
defaults Static SubCategoryOverride A default SubCategoryOverride which overrides nothing.  
invisible undefined | false | true    
material undefined | Id64String    
priority undefined | number    
transparency undefined | number    
weight undefined | number    

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Last Updated: 05 June, 2020