PropertyValueRendererContext Interface

Additional parameters to the renderer


Name Type Description
containerType undefined | string Type of container that holds the property  
decoratedTextElement undefined | React.ReactNode Text with custom style applied to it  
onDialogOpen undefined | (dialogState: PropertyDialogState) => void Callback to request for Dialog to be opened.  
onPopupHide undefined | () => void Callback to request for a Popup to be hidden.  
onPopupShow undefined | (popupState: PropertyPopupState) => void Callback to request for a Popup to be shown.  
orientation undefined | Orientation Orientation of property/container  
style undefined | React.CSSProperties Style that should be applied to the rendered element  
textHighlighter undefined | (text: string) => React.ReactNode Callback to highlight text  

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Last Updated: 05 June, 2020