FeatureAppearanceProvider Namespace


Name Description
FeatureAppearanceProvider.chain Chain two FeatureAppearanceProviders together such that first's getFeatureAppearance function is applied before second's.
FeatureAppearanceProvider.supplement Create a provider that obtains each feature's appearance from the source, and if the feature is visible, modifies the appearance.

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FeatureAppearanceProvider Interface

Interface adopted by an object that can supply the FeatureAppearance supplied by a FeatureAppearanceSource. This is useful for selectively overriding or agumenting a Viewport's symbology overrides. A typical implementation will invoke FeatureAppearanceSource.getAppeaprance and customize the returned appearance.

see FeatureAppearanceProvider.chain to chain two providers together.



Name Description
getFeatureAppearance(source: FeatureAppearanceSource, elemLo: number, elemHi: number, subcatLo: number, subcatHi: number, geomClass: GeometryClass, modelLo: number, modelHi: number, type: BatchType, animationNodeId: number): undefined | FeatureAppearance Supply the desired appearance overrides for the specified Feature, or undefined if the feature should not be drawn.  

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Last Updated: 21 November, 2022