Version: 1.0.0
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Provides auth functionality for node command-line applications.


@itwin/node-cli-authorization* package contains a Node.js command-line based client for authorization with the iTwin Platform by default and is configurable to work with any OAuth2.0 based provider.

```typescript const authClient = new NodeCliAuthorizationClient({ // The OAuth token issuer URL. Defaults to Bentley's auth URL if undefined. readonly issuerUrl?: string;

// Upon signing in, the client application receives a response from the Bentley IMS OIDC/OAuth2 provider at this URI // For this client, must start with http://localhost:${redirectPort} // Defaults to "http://localhost:3000/signin-callback" if undefined.

readonly redirectUri?: string;

// Client application's identifier as registered with the OIDC/OAuth2 provider. readonly clientId: string;

// List of space separated scopes to request access to various resources. readonly scope: string;

// Time in seconds that's used as a buffer to check the token for validity/expiry. // The checks for authorization, and refreshing access tokens all use this buffer - i.e., the token is considered expired if the current time is within the specified // time of the actual expiry. // @note If unspecified this defaults to 10 minutes.

readonly expiryBuffer ?: number; });

// start the authorization processs: await authClient.signIn();


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Authorization Classes for signing a user in and out from the command line.
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Last Updated: 19 May, 2023