DisplayStyleState Class

A DisplayStyle defines the parameters for 'styling' the contents of a ViewState.


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Name Description
constructor(props: DisplayStyleProps, iModel: IModelConnection, source?: DisplayStyleState): DisplayStyleState Construct a new DisplayStyleState from its JSON representation.  
attachMapLayer(options: { mapLayerIndex: MapLayerIndex, settings: MapLayerSettings }): void Attach a map layer to display style.  
attachRealityModel(props: ContextRealityModelProps): ContextRealityModelState Attach a ContextRealityModel to this display style.  
changeBackgroundMapProps(props: BackgroundMapProps): void Modify a subset of the background map display settings.  
changeBackgroundMapProvider(props: BackgroundMapProviderProps): void Change aspects of the BackgroundMapProvider from which background map imagery is obtained.  
changeBaseMapTransparency(transparency: number): void Change the map base transparency as a number between 0 and 1.  
changeMapLayerCredentials(mapLayerIndex: MapLayerIndex, userName?: string, password?: string): void Change the credentials for a map layer.  
changeMapLayerProps(props: Partial<MapLayerProps>, mapLayerIndex: MapLayerIndex): void Modify a subset of a map layer settings.  
changeMapSubLayerProps(props: Partial<MapSubLayerProps>, subLayerId: SubLayerId, mapLayerIndex: MapLayerIndex): void Modify a subset of a sub-layer settings.  
changeRenderTimeline(timelineId: undefined | string): Promise<void> Change the Id of the RenderTimeline element that hosts the RenderSchedule.Script to be applied by this display style for  
detachMapLayerByIndex(mapLayerIndex: MapLayerIndex): void Detach map layer at index (-1 to remove all layers)  
detachRealityModelByNameAndUrl(name: string, url: string): boolean Detach the first ContextRealityModel that matches the specified name and url.  
dropSubCategoryOverride(id: string): void Remove any SubCategoryOverride applied to a SubCategoryAppearance by this style.  
equalState(other: DisplayStyleState): boolean Performs logical comparison against another display style.  
findMapLayerIndexByNameAndSource(name: string, source: string, isOverlay: boolean): number Lookup a maplayer index by name and source.  
forEachRealityModel(func: (model: ContextRealityModelState) => void): void Call a function for each reality model attached to this display style.  
getOSMBuildingRealityModel(): undefined | ContextRealityModelState Get the ContextRealityModelState that displays the OpenStreetMap worldwide building layer, if enabled.  
getSubCategoryOverride(id: string): undefined | SubCategoryOverride Obtain the overrides applied to a SubCategoryAppearance by this style.  
hasAttachedRealityModel(name: string, url: string): boolean Return if a context reality model is attached.  
is3d(): this is DisplayStyle3dState Returns true if this is a 3d display style.  
load(): Promise<void> Ensures all of the data required by the display style is loaded.  
mapLayerAtIndex(mapLayerIndex: MapLayerIndex): undefined | MapLayerSettings Return the map layer settings for a map layer at the provided index.  
moveMapLayerToBottom(mapLayerIndex: MapLayerIndex): void Move map layer to bottom.  
moveMapLayerToIndex(fromIndex: number, toIndex: number, isOverlay: boolean): void Reorder map layers  
moveMapLayerToTop(mapLayerIndex: MapLayerIndex): void Move map layer to top.  
overrideSubCategory(id: string, ovr: SubCategoryOverride): void Customize the way geometry belonging to a SubCategory is drawn by this display style.  
setOSMBuildingDisplay(options: OsmBuildingDisplayOptions): boolean Set the display of the OpenStreetMap worldwide building layer in this display style by attaching or detaching the reality model displaying the buildings.  

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
clone(iModel?: IModelConnection): DisplayStyleState ElementState Make an independent copy of this EntityState
equals(other: DisplayStyleState): boolean ElementState Return true if this EntityState is equal to another one.
toJSON(): ElementProps ElementState Obtain this element's JSON representation.


Name Type Description
backgroundColor Accessor ColorDef The background color for this DisplayStyle  
backgroundMapBase Accessor BaseLayerSettings Settings controlling how the base map is displayed within a view.  
backgroundMapSettings Accessor BackgroundMapSettings The settings controlling how a background map is displayed within a view.  
baseMapTransparency Accessor ReadOnly number Return map base transparency as a number between 0 and 1.  
className Accessor StaticReadOnly string The name of the BIS class associated with this class.  
contextRealityModelStates Accessor ReadOnly undefined ContextRealityModelStates attached to this display style.  
hasSubCategoryOverride Accessor ReadOnly boolean Returns true if an SubCategoryOverrides are defined by this style.  
monochromeColor Accessor ColorDef The color used to draw geometry in monochrome mode.  
name Accessor ReadOnly string The name of this DisplayStyle  
onOSMBuildingDisplayChanged Readonly BeEvent<(osmBuildingDisplayEnabled: boolean) => void> Event raised just after DisplayStyleState.setOSMBuildingDisplay changes the enabled state of the OSM buildings.  
onScheduleScriptChanged Readonly BeEvent<(newScript: undefined | Script) => void> Event raised just before the DisplayStyleState.scheduleScript property is changed.  
onScheduleScriptReferenceChanged Readonly BeEvent<(newScriptReference: undefined | ScriptReference) => void> Event raised just before the DisplayStyleState.scheduleScriptReference property is changed. Deprecated  
scheduleScript Accessor undefined | Script The RenderSchedule.Script that animates the contents of the view, if any.  
scheduleScriptReference Accessor ReadOnly undefined | ScriptReference The RenderSchedule.Script that animates the contents of the view, if any, along with the Id of the element that hosts the script.  
settings Accessor AbstractReadOnly DisplayStyleSettings The container for this display style's settings.  
viewFlags Accessor ViewFlags Flags controlling various aspects of the display style.  
wantShadows Accessor ReadOnly boolean Returns true if solar shadow display is enabled by this display style.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
classFullName Accessor StaticReadOnly string ElementState Get full BIS class name of this Entity in the form "SchemaName:ClassName".
classFullName Readonly string ElementState The full class name in the form "schema:class".
className Accessor ReadOnly string ElementState The name of the BIS class associated with this class.
code Readonly Code ElementState The Code for this element
federationGuid Readonly undefined | string ElementState A FederationGuid assigned to this element by some other federated database
id Readonly string ElementState The Id of this Entity.
iModel Readonly IModelConnection ElementState The iModel from which this Entity was loaded
jsonProperties Readonly { T } ElementState Optional json properties of this Entity.
model Readonly string ElementState The ModelId of the Model containing this element
parent Readonly undefined | RelatedElement ElementState The parent Element of this, or undefined if no parent.
schemaName Accessor StaticReadOnly string ElementState The name of the BIS schema for this class.
userLabel Readonly undefined | string ElementState A user-assigned label for this element.

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Last Updated: 04 October, 2023