FeatureOverrideProvider Interface

An object that customizes the appearance of Features within a Viewport using FeatureSymbology.Overrides. When the viewport needs to recreate the symbology overrides, it invokes the provider's FeatureOverrideProvider.addFeatureOverrides method. If necessary - for example, because of changes to some state from which the provider derives the overrides - the provider can request that the viewport recreate the overrides by calling Viewport.setFeatureOverrideProviderChanged.

see Viewport.addFeatureOverrideProvider to register a provider with a viewport.


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Name Description
addFeatureOverrides(overrides: FeatureSymbology.Overrides, viewport: Viewport): void Add to the supplied overrides any symbology overrides to be applied to the specified viewport.  

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Last Updated: 21 November, 2022